Keeping Noise reduction form open.

I use the noise reduction tool a lot to remove static noise and need to use the “get noise profile” option every time before applying the filter since the noise changes from day to day ( I am recording at the office with basic equipment which leaves static noise to remove).

For me, it would be a great (simple) enhancement if the noise reduction form could stay open after getting the noise profile so I can simply select the section to apply the filter too (normally the whole track).

Re-opening the form every time is just a little bit annoying.


You can make opening the Noise Reduction effect much more convenient by assigning a keyboard shortcut to the effect. See:

After making the noise profile, you only need to reopen the Noise Reduction interface if you need to change the parameters. For gentle noise reduction I generally use settings of 6, 6, 3, so my workflow is the open the Noise Removal effect, check that the settings are 6,6,3 (or 12, 6, 3 if I want stronger noise reduction), then take the noise profile. The Noise Reduction effect interface then closes, allowing me to double click on the track to select the entire audio clip (or click on the panel on the left end of the track to select multiple clips in the same track, or Ctrl+A to select all tracks in the project), then press Ctrl+R to repeat the last effect. When the effect is “repeated”, the noise reduction is applied.