Keeping curser at centre screen

Don’t know if i am explaining this correctly, but I need to be able to keep the curser centre of the screen as i zoom in and out. Usually, the cursor moves to it current position in relation to the track.


If using mouse clicking +zoom ctrl … Zooms in…no matter where curser in after a couple of clicks the curser stays in centre of screen, even till you zoom in to individual samples. If clicking -zoom ctrl… Zooms out… Curser stays in centre of screen until all of the track is visible or most of it then moves to its place relative to the size of the track. There are extra Curser controls under View…Extra Menus…Extra…Curser…

Pin the playhead ? …

Does Pin the Playhead work for Zooming…???

I think it only works for Playback and Recording…?

Thanks for this info, it is exactly what I was looking for.

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