keep: Split files based on (-) Tracks (+) Labels

Every time I export multiple,
I have to remember to set the option:

Split files based on
(-) Tracks
(+) Labels

because Audacity did not retain the setting
It remembers ALL the other settings on that form.

I have heard that it is making an intelligent guess of my intentions,
based on me using 4 tracks from a Zoom N2 microphone
which imports as 2xstereo.wav

I like the way it keeps options between sessions, between new projects,
it would be nice to keep this option, in the same user preferences list

This isn’t a bug, because it is doing what it was designed to do, so I’ve moved this to the feature request part of the forum.

I assume that you agree that if there are multiple tracks OR labels (and not both), that it is good that Audacity selects the appropriate option.

So when the project contains both multiple tracks AND labels, you would like Audacity to remember which option you chose, and to use that option the next time that you Export Multiple with a project that contains both multiple track and labels. Is that correct?

What if:

  1. you have a project with multiple tracks and labels and you select to export multiple based on labels
  2. you then have a project with multiple tracks and no labels, so you export multiple based on tracks
  3. you then have another project with multiple tracks and labels. What should the default be? Should it be recalled from (1) or from (2)?

I disagree, it is unwanted behaviour,
it is different from it’s sibling attributes on the same form
it contradicts the regularity of me
ie all my recordings are 4 track
ie all my editing sessions are to place CTRL-B-label
ie all my export multiples are 01-label.mp3
it makes no sense to override my setting
it makes no sense to guess “filename” based on having multiple time-locked tracks

It makes no sense for Audacity to try to export multiple based on Labels if the project does not have labels, even if you did use labels last time. So what would you want it to do in that case?

What if … something that has never happened (to me)

Of the last 300 times I have used audacity
299 times I had to set it to my choice
The machines choice was unecessarily wrong.

The one time was learning that this feature is available.

I am saying that my setting is a good one.
The machine overiding my choice is not good.
The logic it uses, in it’s deduction is nonsense.
It just happens that the decision outcome
matches what the designer uses and wants.


“Its not a bug, its a feature”

“if it makes you swear, its a bug”

I am done with this.

Yes, we have very many users that are not you, and we have to cater for them too.

OK, I’ll close this topic.