Keep Monitoring on all the time possible?

I would like to either:

  1. Have recording monitor on all the time or
  2. Be able to hit a key shortcut to turn on the Click To Monitor option.

Is it possible?


I agree that it could sometimes be useful to have monitoring on all of the time, but that is not currently possible. It may become possible in the future, but that will require some deep changes to how Audacity accesses the computer’s sound system.

There isn’t a keyboard shortcut, but you can turn on monitoring by clicking on the recording meter:


Many thanks for the reply. I should have said I’m a long time user, financial supporter and I use that all the time, especially recently so wondered if it was possible.

I use Audacity for a multitude of things because it’s so flexible, and on a daily basis, I’m ripping LPs. I use the Click to Monitor function to avoid recording the needle drop.

Very friendly


See this long-standing proposal in the Audacity Wiki:

And this popular feature request?
Would you like me to add your vote?


Sure, if you’re allowed/ able to do that.