Keep getting same error message

I’m using os 10.9.2
I got the installer from
I’m using the dmg installer
I get this message that is attached
What to do?
This is after a reloading of my os. Audacity was working fine before.
I have redownloaded the LAME file.
audacity.tiff (140 KB)

I’d probably start by not posting a TIFF. If you do a screen capture (Command-Shift-3 or Command-Shift-4) it should give you a png picture file. Post that.


OK why is a Tiff bad?
Any answer to my question?
Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 7.33.42 AM.png

You don’t have enough access or permission to change those files. You can probably first try the easy Permission Repair.

Go > Utilities > Disk Utilities.
Select your system drive and Verify Disk and then, when it’s finished, Repair Permissions. Leave time. Either of those processes can take a while.


Because most browsers won’t render that format inline (that is, the browser would not show your image, so the only way to see it would be to download it).


Thanks to both of you for the replies.

So I did what you said and the 1000 or so permission problems went down to about 500 and the first error message disappeared. Now I only get the “failed to update user configuration file” message. Any more tips?

Perhaps log in as administrator, navigate in Finder using Go > Go to Folder to ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/ then right-click or CONTROL + click over the “audacity” folder and choose “Get Info”. In the window that opens, see if you can enable more rights in the permissions section at the bottom.

Otherwise, obtain the root password, open a Terminal and type:

sudo chmod -R 755 "/Users/christopherharris/Library/Application Support/audacity"

then hit ENTER on your keyboard, provide the password then ENTER again.


Thanks for the advice Gale. Don’t think it was connected to the audacity program but I got the spinning ball that wouldn’t go away so took it to the apple store and they reinstalled everything so audacity works now as it did except for one annoyance. After I edit a song and want to export it to the folder I’m using for this music it has the save as and where boxes but inside the where box drop down menu the folder I want to put it in isn’t listed as it was before. Know how to get that folder’s name into the list on the drop down menu?
Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 6.10.14 PM.png

A google search for “expand apple save as dialog” gives these two references, among others:

– Bill