Hello All

I have a client that wants an audio file in MP3 recorded at 192 kbps. Can anyone please tell me step by step how to go about setting this up ? Thanks !

What you need to do is to record/edit in Audacity and then export as an MP3 (tou can’t record in MP3 with Audacity). To make the export you will need the LAME add-on (see http://audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=Lame_Installation for this).

Then you can use the Export function (or Export Multiple if you have mutiple sections in your recording). Where the bitrate is controlled is different depending on whether you are using 1.2 or 1.3 - you don’t say …

In 1.2.x: go to Edit > Audio Preferences > MP3 Export Setup - and select the required bitrate from the drop-down list

In 1.3.x: When you use the File > Export or File > Export Multiple then in the export dialog box there is a button labelled Options - click on this and you will get a further pop-up window where you can set the bit rate to your required 192 - I suspect that your client may also rquire this as CBR (constand bit-rate) so make sure the Constant radio button is selected.


Variable Bit Rate (VBR) will generally produce better sound quality at an equivalent file size, so it will be worth checking with your client if they want VBR or CBR.

CBR is normally only used for 320 kbps, as at the highest quality there is no advantage in using VBR.

Some media players may report incorrect play lengths when using VBR.
Some MP3 players may not support VBR at all, but that is very rare these days.