Karaoke plugin?

Hello im trying to remove the vocals out of a song and vocal remover isnt working. Im trying to to find the karaoke plugin but i can find it anywhere can anyone point me in the right direction?

Same thing. You can try that video on YouTube with the splitting and phase flipping and all, or you can use Effect > Vocal Remover which is the same thing rolled up into one tool. If Effect > Vocal Removal didn’t work, chances are good no other software is going to work, either. You need to start with a very high quality, stereo show with the lead singer in the center of the stereo field. If anything goes wrong, it doesn’t sound right. Bass and drums usually go, too, so it’s usually pretty messy. Oh, and you’re left with a mono, not stereo show.

This is a clip of a vocal removal that worked the way it usually does followed by a little of the original song.



Ok thanks just wondering how do people post karaoke songs on youtube then?

They may have songs that have the vocals in the centre or they may have better tools that can remove vocals in other circumstances.

There is one other plug-in you can try (plus another if you have OS X 10.6 or earlier):
http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Vocal_Removal#OS_X_Plug-ins .

Don’t expect miracles. And respect any copyright held by the authors of the music if that author isn’t you.


Many songs are available to buy as Karaoke CDs. The quality is variable, but many are very good recordings without vocals. They may be available in a special format for karaoke machines (that also display scrolling lyrics) or as standard audio CDs. Look on Google and you will find thousands of them.

We also tell people that if you follow the recommendations in that YouTube video, you will have success, too, if you use exactly the same song they did. It’s very song and quality dependent.

That clip I posted did make the lead singer vanish, but the stereo echo effects on his voice were not in the middle, so they stayed around. Also the bass and several drums were in the middle, so they vanished, too.

The karaoke filter subtracts the left sound data from the right. That’s all it does. Anything common to both tracks, like usually the lead singer, vanishes. It’s straight arithmetic and it’s not magic.


Wow thanks guys! you well a lot of help!

HI Guys
sorry if a stupid question but…
i want to edity a song and make it as karaoke version
i’ve downloaded plugs in
but once restarted audacity i can’t find it under effects…
please someone can help me ??
thks very much


Please tell us what version of Audacity you have, what version of Windows, Mac OS X or Linux and exactly what plugins you have downloaded.

If you are using the current 2.1.1 version of Audacity, then after installing the plug-ins you have to use Effect > Manage… and enable the plugins.

2.1.1 already comes with a Vocal Removal and Isolation effect in the bottom half of the Effect menu that you don’t have to enable.