Karaoke effect on mac?

In the process of removing the vocals from a song, I’m searching for the
karaoke effect for mac, but it does not seem to exist…

Am I mistaken? Is there an equivalent effect to help me scrapes vocals?
I already tried the track splitting trick with double mono channel with one inverted… Thats a shitty way to do it, I need a better solution.

Ty in advance for help.

Effect > Vocal Remover
Automatically does the splitting, inverting, and subtraction steps.

Thing is vocal remover effect really works bad…

I saw a tutorial on the internet that worked perfectly (well almost… 95% idd say) and it required the karaoke effect.
Well… nevermind I’ll just dig another way out… That work for mac XD

it depends totally on how the song has been mixed by the recording engineers…

for some it works almost perfectly for others it’s rubbish - trouble is, all those folk who proudly show you their VR work on YT are hardly going to show you their dismal failures are they :slight_smile:

See this tutorial page in the manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Tutorial_-_Vocal_Removal_and_Isolation


You can achieve exactly the same results they did using the exact same song in the same initial quality.

The cancellation-style vocal removal fails more often than it succeeds. The odds are heavily stacked against you. Compressed music doesn’t work as well as clean music which means internet downloads don’t work as well as buying the music on the CD. You need to know that the result, even if it succeeds is mono, not stereo. The process of subtraction/cancellation produces a mono show.

If there are any stereo special effects added to the voice, the effects stay giving you a “ghost” of the singer that you can’t get rid of. I have a clip around here somewhere which demonstrates that.

Also, anything in the left-to-right middle of the show goes, too. Drums and bass. Gone.

If the singer isn’t in the middle the process just flat out fails. Worse, if the singer was miked in stereo, they could wander in and out of cancellation as they move during the performance. Stereo broadcasting gave that up long ago. Too many people drove off the road when the announcer reached for his coffee.

I hate it when that happens.