Just switched to macOS ACX help needed

I just switched over to macOS and I was wondering if there is a document for processing ACX requirements? The steps in Audacity to apply to meet the ACX specifications.

Thank you

How did you used to do it? Or was the change to a Mac and the decision to post for audiobooks in the same wave?

In brief:

Pick a nice quiet, echo-free room. Announce so your voice waves fill the Audacity timeline (up and down) about half way.

Apply the Audacity Audiobook Mastering Suite of tools.


You can use the ACX Check tool to make sure everything is OK.


If it is, Export to the ACX-Standard MP3 files.


… and post.

If you need more detail, post back.


Oddly, since The Sickness, getting your Audacity blue waves right isn’t the most serious problem. There’s a list of book types that don’t make good audiobooks (scroll down).


…And whatever you pick has to be available for purchase on Amazon in either paper or eBook. You can’t be so new you don’t have an actual book yet.


I’m trying to install the act check on my macBook pro, not having any luck finding the proper folder/path to copy the ny file. Can anyone offer some help?

Ok, I figured it out and got it installed. I found your previous thread on this topic.

thank you,

That first post was the dead-run, skim the highlights version. It leaves out a lot of the fine details like Exporting a WAV file of the raw reading and exporting a WAV file of the Edit Master—before you make the MP3 for submission.

Which book that I can buy from Amazon are you reading?