Just starting out, questions

Audacity: 2.0
Windows Vista

So I have an electric guitar and a cable that connects from the guitar to my computer via USB.
It works fine, I can strum and my computer registers the noise and audacity can record it.

What I need help with is that it more or less sounds like an acoustic guitar and I’m not sure
what I need to do to get it to sound like an electric guitar. I’ve tried installing plugins
for it but I can’t find the plugins. I also installed something called VST bridge based on
a youtube tutorials instruction, but still nothing.

I’m pretty new to…basically everything. So right now all I have is an electric guitar,
a computer, the cord that connects them, and audacity.

The amp I got that came with my guitar is this tiny thing that has no method to connect it
to my computer so I was trying to use the computer as an amp.

Any info on how to do this all properly would be appreciated.

Read this Tutorial and then let us know anything that you don’t understand or doesn’t work:

You may need to connect the guitar to the mic port of the computer, not the line-in. This will make it record louder.

VST-bridge has no effect on VST plug-ins in Audacity 2.0 - see this page for how to make Audacity recognise new VST plug-ins:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html#vst_install .


Well the first guide said “If you’re using a guitar to USB then skip this” and I can get it to record fine all ready over usb.

The 2nd one was about installing VSTs and using the VST bridge which I all ready have the VST bridge but
the one electric guitar effect I found doesn’t show up even with all the scanning and placing it in the plugins
with the box checked like it said.

Are there other electric guitar plugins I can try? I use the wiki to find plugins but none of them were
obvious as to if I needed them.

Please read the instructions more carefully - VST Bridge should not be used with Audacity 2.x

For recording electric guitar I prefer to use a microphone in front of the guitar cab so that the sound of the amp, cab, and any effects that are being used (such as overdrive) are recorded.