Just one file has no sound on just one computer?

Brought home to file from church yesterday morning.

Good news is that turning up the volume on the presonus AudioBox did the trick for the volume - so next week will try recording in mono instead of stereo.

Bad news is that the microphone batteries died in the middle of the sermon - and we totally lost 7 minutes of silence. He then used the stage mic to finish up but the volume on that was terrible. Fault the sound man for not making sure that the battery problem would not occur - and I am not in the worship center during sermons (I’m also the elementary school age kids teacher - so I’m in back with them during church time).

Not having very good success syncing up sound and video with it being silent in the middle - trying to sync up the separate audio is hard enough at the beginning of the video - and it’s not any easier to do it again in the middle - oh well - if it’s not one thing it’s another. Will keep on trying - and learning the right way to do things.

I did save the sermon as a .wav file - got the impression that was a better option than .mp3?

Thanks for you continuing help - I’m sure I’ll be back with more…might even be able to post about a success!!

Trish :wink:

WAV is lossless but very large. MP3 is lossy but much smaller in size.

Use WAV for backups and for saving intermediate files where you don’t have the audio finished.

When the audio is finished then you can export it as MP3 for your site (WAV will be too slow/large for streaming). Probably the video wants M4A audio rather than WAV (to prevent the audio being a much larger component than the video content). Different video formats can accept different audio formats. You need FFmpeg to export as M4A.

If you have more questions I suggest you start a new topic about those specific questions.