Just downloaded new Audacity yeterday - ALREADY BUGS AND PROBLEMS! UGHH!

Please help, as this is annoying. I have the latest Audacity as we just downloaded the new version yesterday. During playback after a recording, at six minutes the recording “loops” back to the start of the recording for no apparent reason and we cannot stop this from occurring. We are veteran Audacity users and have not instructed Audacity to loop. How do we fix this? Windows 10. Please provide link to use an older Audacity version if you don’t have a solution for this.

Do … Tools… Reset Configuration… to start with and see what happens

I assume you have tried the Transport…Looping…enable looping etc etc options…?

The transport looping was checked from the previous track we were working on. I did not know that when looping was clicked it changed the setting fore all new tracks as well. I assumed like every other setting it would return to the normal default setting. But thanks, it is fixed now.

Things to look for… White line on “enable loop” button to the right of record button…you can just click this instead of using menus

Markers on the timeline…use clear loop to clear