just asking for tips

condenser mike 12 " from guitar hole thru audiobox. running 1.2, windows 10. I know recording methods could be better , but as a quicky, what effects would you use for a deeper sound?

We can wait for someone with golden ears to post, but I think it’s fine the way it is.

What’s the microphone?


Try the Graphic Equalizer to boost the low-mid frequencies. Don’t over-do it. A good mic shouldn’t need much EQ. The lowest note on a guitar is about 80Hz so don’t boost the deep bass. In fact you should probably cut the deep bass.

Mic position also has an effect. [u]RecordingMag.com[/u] has some articles about recording guitar.

If you post a mono WAV like that (recommended), you can extend the playback out to 20 seconds. Do that and produce a song with many different notes. Your posting is two of the same phrases one after the other. So you basically posted a 4 second clip—twice.

If your exported show is too large for the forum, it will reject you as being too large. Cut some off and try it again.


thanks guys, i will mess and send another sample. cheap large bm800 china made

It sounds OK to me as is. Multi-band compression can give it more oomph …


raised mids lowered bass with more noise reduction

Lots of clipping on that :frowning:
clipping is bad.png
Fixable, but much better results if it is avoided in the first place.

wow i shouldnt have posted that, guess i got a little carried away last night, think i got the guitars where i want them now, thanks