Jump waveform to a specific point

Ver 2.3.3 on Win10Pro64. Is there a way to have the following occur: I enter a time into the “Audio Position” box on the selection toolbar, and the waveform display jumps to that position with the cursor bar centered in the middle of the waveform display?

As far as I can tell, changing digits in the audio position box has no effect on anything. Am I overlooking something?


Use the “Start of Selection” instead


Using “start of selection” does move the cursor, but not the waveform. My process now is to set the time I want in “start of selection”, set an arbitrary small “length”, use the “zoom to selection” button, then ctrl-mousewheel to zoom out, and finally, set “selection length” to zero. It’s tedious, and that’s why I keep thinking that there must be a simpler way.

and then press Play followed by stop - two quick taps on the Space bar

and that will move the waveform to the changed cursor position.

As of now the Audio Position is supposed to be just a read-only data box - as you have found out you can type times into it but Audacity ignores that.
Technical discussions have been taking place recently as to whether we should bock that from any data entry (making it properly read-only) or use it to actually change the cursor position. The latter is not entirely straightforward due to interactions with stuff like selections so at the moment we are unsure how to proceed.

There is an entry in our bugtracker for this:
Selection toolbar: setting the “Audio Position” has no effect