Joining two mp3 files

In some cases I have recorded records as two separate files, Side1.mp3 and Side2.mp3.
Now I would like to join them into one file. How do I do that with Audacity?

  1. Import the two files into Audacity.
  2. “Ctrl + A” (select All)
  3. Tracks menu > Align tracks end to end (the exact menu item depends on which version of Audacity)
  4. Export.

Thanks, but end to end caused them to be mixed side by side.
What is the correct option please?

PS: I found this:
but I can’t seem to drag the second file. How do I drag it?

That video has nothing to do with Audacity. Did you post the wrong link?

To drag an audio clip, use the Time Shift tool.

OK, sorry. I just worked it out. I didn’t at first use Select All. When I do,
end to end does shift the second one to start at the end of the first.
So all is well. Thanks.