Joining two mono tracks together and fading out the first one and fading in the second

I am trying to merge two files together; I want to join them so they are one file, and also fade out the first one and fade in the second one at the joining point. I was able to do this once before but seem to have forgotten how to do it. I was copying the second track and pasting it at the end of the first track, then using audio clips>join, which seemed to join them together, and then trying to get the fade out (first audio section) and fade in (second audio section) right. But every time I try to do this, the joined track is “stuck” at the joining point and repeats the same couple of notes over and over again. I have also tried “mix and render into another track” but that did not seem work. Can anyone tell me how to do this, please, it’s driving me crazy!

Easier to duplicate onto a second track, then you can beatmatch and crossfade tracks


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Where is Crossfade Tracks? I can’t read the top/title of your selector panel.


For me (on 3.3.2) it’s in the “fading” sub-menu in the Effects list …

332 fading

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