Joining tracks

Can I join tracks in Audacity to produce a single track, ie with no gaps in between? For a talk I have to create a CD of operatic excerpts from commercial CDs where certain tracks are separately identified but which I wish to combine to form a single track. Needless to say I’m a novice Audacity user.

Overlap & Cross-fade the tracks, then mix&render the project to a new track.

No need to mix and render to a new track, Audacity will mix your tracks together when you export.

Use labels to mark the start of each excerpt.

See this manual page for instructions to produce on exported file (AIF, WAV or MP3) of each excerpt (CD track) to use in your CD burning software. In the CD burning software be sure to specify “no gaps between tracks”.

– Bill

Though mixing before exporting can be useful if there are overlapping tracks, as doing so allows you to check that the mix doesn’t clip (doesn’t exceed the height of the track).