Joining clips brings up pinwheel

I have one project file that will bring up the spinning pinwheel any time I try to join clips in it. This is a new phenomenon that started a couple days ago, well into my work on the project file. I have tried to see if the same thing happens with other files, but this is the only one. Any idea as to why? I’ve even copied and pasted the audio into a few file and the same thing happens.

If you want to join all the clips in a track, select the track then do Tracks (menu) > Mix > Mix and Render or Mix and Render to New Track. Make sure you select only one track at a time.

If that doesn’t work, or you want to retain some of the clips in a track, go to Audacity > Preferences > Tracks> Track Behaviours and under “Past audio from Audacity project as” uncheck “Smart clips”.

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