Join Projcts - Side 1 & 2 of LP

I have recorded 2 sides of an LP as 2 projects. I have labelled the tracks for both sides and want to join them so I can load the album to iTunes as one album but cannot find how to do this :question:

iTunes will not accept an Audacity Project, so you will be exporting the songs as WAV or AIFF files. When you do this to both projects, you will get a pile of individual WAV files that you can drag into iTunes. Once inside iTunes, they can be arranged in whatever order you wish.

Next time when you get to the end of the first side, Pause Recording and unpause to continue with the other side. It could also be said that since you have production to do anyway, just keep recording. Cut the gap out later.

Alternately, you can completely stop the capture and come back hours later and Transport > Append Record (Shift-R).


Not really an Audacity question but if each track is an individual WAV item can they be put back together as an Album with track listings artwork etc. on Itunes?

Basically yes, it’s the iTunes metadat, a common album name, that binds a set of tunes together as an album in iTunes.

This workflow tutorial from the manual may help you: