Join labels together: Make end of one the start of the next

[Audacity v2.1.0; Win 7 Pro x64]
How can I convert point labels into regions, with the start of each region = the end of the previous?
The Tutorial says:

  • expand a point label into a region label by clicking and dragging either of its triangle handles

  • adjust the junction point where two labels meet by clicking and dragging their shared circle handle

but when I do this the regions do not merge into a “junction”, instead they overlap (move to different rows in the label track).

That’s quite tricky to do (as you have discovered), but in most cases you don’t need to. For example, if you want the labels for “Export Multiple”, then you can just use point labels instead.

I too wanted to convert about 40 point labels into 20 corresponding region labels.

The realization that I wanted to do this came halfway through my labeling, so my label track had another 40 or so region labels after all the point labels.

Although I found no easy way to convert the earlier point labels to region labels, here is the work around I used which takes advantage of the yellow Audacity guides so that I didn’t have to start over.

  1. select the label track
  2. copy and paste it to produce a duplicate label track right below it
  3. select and delete all the point labels in the top label track
  4. this shifts the existing region labels, so use the shift tool (option spacebar) to shift them back to where they belong
  5. now take drag to define regions between point labels, taking advantage of the yellow Audacity guides

You can drag one of the label’s “wings” with the mouse:
(Dragging the circle between the two “wings” moves the label)

You can delete a label track entirely, by clicking the [X] in the top left corner of the label track.

Thanks for the tips

I found a solution to convert large numbers point labels into region labels (or vise-versa). I needed to do this for hundreds of labels, so I exported the label file (File–>Export–>Export Labels), did some editing in Excel, and then reimported the labels (File–>Import–>Import Labels). You just have to know how to work with spreadsheets/manipulate text files.

The key is to understand that the label files have this structure:

Point Labels:
0.34000 0.34000 pointLabel1
0.86000 0.86000 pointLabel2
1.53000 1.53000 pointLabel3
2.97000 2.97000 pointLabel4

Region Labels:
0.34000 0.86000 regionLabel1
1.53000 2.97000 regionLabel2

The image below shows what the above examples look like when imported into Audacity:
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 10.52.39 AM.jpg