Jack not recognized in Audacity

I’m using Ubuntu Studio 9.04, M-Audio Fast Track Pro usb soundcard and Jack. I’ve been using Audacity for recording vocals and radio podcasts. Since I’ve begun using the Fast Track Pro soundcard, I’ve been running Jack in realtime. For some reason, Audacity isn’t recognizing Jack as an input or output device in the preferences. Hydrogen is also not recognizing Jack as an audio server. If anyone can offer suggestions, I would appreciate it so much. Also, please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks.

I’m using Audacity 1.3.9 on Ubuntu 9.04 (generic kernel)
I use Jack Control to start Jack.

I’ve updated Portaudio to libportaudio 19+svn20071207-C

Apart from that it’s pretty much a stock install, and Audacity works with Jack.

Previously I was using the repository version of Audacity 1.3.7 and Portaudio 18.1-7.1 (also on the generic kernel) and Jack worked with that also.
Couldn’t get it to work with some in between versions and I’ve not tried with the real-time kernel because my laptop did not like it the last time I tried.

My laptop freezes at the login screen when loading the realtime kernel. However, I’ve been starting up Jack in realtime (in the Jack settings, i check realtime). Jack starts up, but in the Audacity I/O preferences, there is no Jack to select, only ALSA hda intel and ALSA usb audio. I’m so confused why Jack isn’t recognized by Audacity anymore and i hope there’s something i can do to fix it.

I was under the impression that the real-time option was only intended to be used with the real-time kernel (I could be wrong though).
Have you tried it without the real-time option?

Which version of Audacity are you using?

I’m using the Audacity 1.9.7 that’s in synaptic. However, I did install the latest version of Jack (0.116.2) from the tar file off their website. I’m also using the latest ALSA driver & lib (1.0.21) and the synaptic ALSA utils.

I haven’t been able to get the realtime kernel working yet. I don’t know much about using realtime. When I try to start up Jack not using realtime, I get xruns like crazy and Audacity still doesn’t recognize Jack. Also, Audacity isn’t recognized in the Jack connections panel either. Seems like the problem doesn’t have much to do with realtime, but i could be wrong on that. This problem really surprises me. I’m completely baffled. I haven’t seen any other forum posts about this or a similar problem before.

Sorry, I meant Audacity 1.3.7 is what i’m using. I haven’t installed 1.3.9 yet.

I think the problem is that Jack is not working properly.
Hydrogen is the program that is frequently used as a test for Jack - if Hydrogen works, then Jack is OK, if it doesn’t then it’s not.

I successfully ran a real-time kernel on another computer - quite an old computer - and it worked really well… until the next kernel update. Then it didn’t work.

Do any of your audio applications work with Jack?

Did Audacity 1.3.7 work with the stock version of Jack?

That’s “normal” - portaudio, used by Audacity, opens its ports on demand then closes them again, so they are only visible in the connection panel when Audacity is recording or playing. This makes using Audacity with Jack a bit tricky.

Although I’ve had Audacity working with Jack, it does not benefit much from it as Audacity does not do stuff in real time and everything else you can do with Portaudio, so while it would be “nice” to have Audacity working with Jack, it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth.

I think the problem is that Jack is not working properly.
Hydrogen is the program that is frequently used as a test for Jack - if Hydrogen works, then Jack is OK, if it doesn’t then it’s not.

Have any ideas about how i can fix Jack? I found “jackd” in the /System/Administration/Users and Groups. I’m wondering if that should be there or not. Have you had any problems with Jack in the past? I’m basically clueless about fixing Jack.

I think i might have installed jack incorrectly. In the jack website (link: http://jackaudio.org/download ), there are two tar files, “Jack 1” and “Jack 2”. One of them is Jack 0.116.2 and another is Jack 1.9.3, but i’ve only installed the first one. I guess i should install both, right?
I’m not very good at linux stuff yet, but eager to learn it. If i need to install the Jack 1.9.3 also, please let me know how i can do it. The instructions for installing from source on the Jack FAQ aren’t very easy for me (not click & paste commands). Thanks alot for your help.

Oh yes.
On some hardware I have been completely stumped, but usually I can get it going - eventually.
Every time I need to set it up on a machine I end up spending all day on it - Googling my brains out, searching the Ubuntu forum, and fiddling with every setting until it works. Once it is working, I leave it alone and don’t mess. It’s brilliant for programs like Hydrogen, Ardour, Jack Rack, ZynAddSubFX and so on, but as I said before, not a lot of use for Audacity unless portaudio gives us a way of making the ports persistent.

Now there IS something about groups…
If I remember correctly, you need to add your user name to the audio group.

If you are really wanting to run Jack, you would probably be better to install Ubuntu Studio (or another distro that is optimised for audio).
However, I think there may be some security compromises in these that make them less suitable for general computing.

Ah yes… This is the guide that I generally start with: UbuntuStudioPreparation - Community Help Wiki

I hear that Fedora is also good for music, particularly with “Planet CCRMA” Planet CCRMA at home
I quite fancy having a go with it when I have a spare machine to play with.

You just beat me to posting -
Jack 1 vs. Jack 2 ?
Sorry I don’t know - I’ve not heard of Jack 2 before.
Ubuntu 9.04 uses Jack 0.116-1

Google says: Jack 2 is a new version, developed from jackdmp which was designed to use multiple CPUs more effectively, but will still work with one CPU.

Looks like it’s one or the other.

I’ve just noticed something very weird on my system.
Audacity works on my laptop (1.3.7, 1.3.9 and 1.3.10-alpha) IF I set it up to use jack while I have a USB sound card connected.
I don’t have to use the USB sound card, and I can disconnect it once Audacity has been set up to use Jack.

I’ve posted this information to the audacity-devel mailing list and it should appear here soon: http://n2.nabble.com/audacity-devel-f238278.html

I’m using Ubuntu Studio 9.04. In the Users and Groups, there is no “audio” group, so should i make one? In the /etc/security/limits.config, instead of “@audio - rtprio 99”, i just used “@my_username - rtprio 99” and the same for memlock and nice. How have you fixed Jack in the past? I certainly need to reconfigure or fix Jack somehow, because it doesn’t work with any program i’ve tried - including Hydrogen, Audacity and Audacious.

I’m getting way out of my depth here you know :slight_smile:
Mostly I fix it with lots of trial and error and a lot of Googling. If there’s a magic bullet, I don’t know what it is.

Try opening a Terminal window and typing

cat /etc/group

I think you should have something like “audio:x:29:pulse” in the list.

Jack is still not working with other programs. When i click on “about” in the Jack interface, it says:

“Version: 0.3.4
Build: Feb 13 2009 04:26:25
JACK Port aliases support disabled.”

What else should i check or configure on my system? ALSA? I’m not using pulseaudio at all - i shut it down. ALSA is the default now. Have any ideas about what i should try to reconfigure or change in order to make Jack start working again?

If so, please tell me how you have it set up. I need to change things but i don’t know what or how i need to change it.

Here are some screenshots of trying to use Jack with Audacity. I finally got the realtime kernel to work…and it’s working great. Basically i just needed to replace the ATI/AMD FGLRX graphics driver with the open source driver, and then bam! Realtime kernel was up. However, the same problem persists with Jack not connection to any other programs…Jack is not being used as an audio server/engine for any program and it doesn’t work when i select Jack in Audacious (no sound), Hydrogen gives me the messages “Cannot Start Audio Engine” (or something like that) and in the Audacity preferences, there is still no Jack to be found. I’m continuing to work on this, but it’s taking a long time and i’m surprised not to find very much info online about this stuff.

I just discovered that “alsa_pcm” is not in the “writable clients/input ports” of the Jack connect panel. One person thought i might have two versions of Jack installed and that’s quite possible. I’m going to try uninstalling and reinstalling Jack once i figure out how to do it. If anyone knows, please give share a simple explanation of how to do it.

Solution! I finally gave up and decided to reinstall Ubuntu Studio and give it a fresh try. Jack and Audacity work perfectly together in the realtime kernel now. Simple solution.

Congratulations - a happy outcome :smiley: