iZotope: selecting multiple clicks

I have an audio file that has a bad artifact every second (see image) that came about after this file was recovered from a hard drive. The “Spectral Repair” in iZotope RX 4 Advanced does an excellent job removing the artifact and even fills in the underlying dialog (see image). GREAT! The problem is that although it takes 4 seconds to repair each line, there are THOUSANDS of these lines - one every second - exactly. I want to ask if anyone knows of a way for iZotope to find them all automatically so I don’t have to spend days doing it manually? Maybe there is a script I can make? (I might have to use autohotkey or something). Thanks!

Although this section of the forum is called “Audio Processing”, it is a subsection of the Audacity forum, so like the rest of this forum, the emphasis is on using Audacity.
We are not able to offer technical support for other software. For questions about using iZotope you would probably do better by addressing their support channels. (at over $350 for the software I would expect that they can afford to provide reasonable technical support)

Ok, thank you. The reason I posted this here is when doing a search for Izotope on the forum there were lots of posts about it so I thought it would be ok.

No worries.
The issue is that the forum crew and the vast majority of visitors to this forum are (not surprisingly) Audacity users rather than iZotope Rx users.
From looking at the screenshot that you posted, I’d guess that in Audacity you would still be faced with fixing them one at a time.

I actually found that the “find next similar event” will find the next line because of their similarity. So I’ll just record one fix and “find” and then I’ll make a short AutoHotKey script witch will go through them automatically. Thank you for responding and trying to help even though it’s off the forum’s topics. I appreciate it.