Izotope RX-6 plug-ins don't work with v3.2.5 - syntax?

Recent updated from v.2.4.2 to 3.2.5. Under 2.4.2 I have been very successfully running Izotope RX-6 plug-ins (Mouth De-Click and similar), which were detected ‘automatically’ by Audacity.
After upgrade, the software will no longer enable the VST3 plug-ins that have now appeared.
Only potential clue I can notice - a slight syntax difference - in ‘…VST3/RX 6 Mouth De-click.vst3’ there is no semi-colon, versus ‘… VST/RX 6 MOUTH De-click.vst;0’ under 2.4.2.
Any thoughts as to whether this might be the problem and, if so, how to fix it.
I am absolutely not a Mac techie, so please treat me gently!! :slight_smile:

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