I've tried everything!

If I had any hair I would be tearing it out! I was using Audacity for a long while before having to do an XP install. I’m pretty sure I got everythng back correctly and everything else is working fine. Soundforge and Polderbits are both working and recording. WMP and Media Monkey are both playing back OK. I’ve downloaded LAME and it’s in the Audacity folder and I downloaded Ffmpeg.
The Audio host is set on MME, the output device - Realtek HD Audio output; the Input device - Realtek HD Audio Input:Stereo Mix; Input Channels - 2(Stereo) Input Channels.
WBGO radio is coming through loud and clear
I can’t think of anything to do. Any ideas :question:

Wouldn’t you know it - after puzzling over this for 3 days, no sooner had I posted than I found the solution. Went into ‘Sounds and Audio Devices’, clicked on ‘Audio’ In the Audio output window clicked ‘Volume’ which brought up ‘Master Volume’. Clicked on’Options’ then ‘Properties’ . Changed the mixer device to ‘Audio Input’ and there was the problem - THE RECORDING CONTROL WASN’T SET! So if there’s anyone else as big a dummy as me and having problems, check it out! :smiley:

You’ve not actually said what the problem is :confused:

I presume that it is that Audacity is not recording Internet radio?
What is happening? Do you get a flat line recording or does something else happen?

You posted while I was typing. Glad you’ve got it sorted. :wink: