I've forgotten everything!

Hi! A few years back I used Audacity to do a couple of projects for Librivox, but that was before the heart attack and the surgery, and now I’ve forgotten everything! The thing eluding me at this very second is how to stop recording to fix a mistake, and then keep recording on the same track. Whenever I’ve tried it, a new track opens up, and then I don’t know how to merge the two, which with more mistakes will become three and so forth! I didn’t see a list of commands in any of the tutorial pages discovered to date.

What you’re looking for is “Append Record” (shortcut: shift+R) http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/transport_toolbar.html#record

As a “refresher” you may find it useful to spend a bit of time working through a couple of tutorials (any that might be relevant to the type of thing that you want to do):

Thank you so much! Actually I had read through and used the tutorials on the page you linked, but none of them gave me the particular open sesame, at least that I could recognize. Is there by chance a page just of the keyboard commands?

Next I’m going to do that audio check the Audacity forum offers, so see if my home system is okay, and then I think I’m good to go on the project. Thanks again, very kind of you.

Hey, Steve, could you help me with one more thing? I can’t find the part of the forum I was on when I saw that I can get feedback on the quality of my audio by recording 8 seconds and sending it in. Do you know where the instructions are?



Hello, regarding my request for a link to the audio sample directions, as soon as I posted it, I found them. Sorry! And thanks to Gale for the link to keyboard commands.