I've been asked to export audio in "16 bit float"

As the title says, I’ve been asked to export a wav file with “16 bit float”. However, looking around both preferences and the export menu, I can only see options for either “16 bit PCM” or just “16 bit”. Help!

I’ve been asked to export a wav file with “16 bit float”.

By whom and for what? Also fill in the info from the pink band above.


Sorry, didn’t see the pink band.
I’m using Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.0, and… I think I used the .exe installer.
I’m splitting dialogue for a game into different sections, which is in mono if that helps.

But why do you need 16-bit float instead of 16-bit integer?

Audacity cannot export 16-bit float. It does exist ftp://ftp.fox-toolkit.org/pub/fasthalffloatconversion.pdf but as far as I know you would probably have to run some command-line algorithm or some code inside a programming environment to do what you are being asked. If you want to do that, export as 32-bit float and convert from that data.


I’ve asked again, and they seem happy with just 16 bit PCM. Thanks for your input, I couldn’t find much info about 16 bit float online.