Itunes Upgrade turning Audacity M4A files to 789 hrs

Is anyone else experience having their m4a files that were adjusted in Audacity and stored in iTunes going to 789 hrs and making them unuseable? I need help. Apple has just said tuff crap - not their problem since they are coming from Audacity. Mp2 and WAV files seem to be OK.


Koz - I don’t understand your response. It referred it back to my post.

It referred it back to my post.

Did Steve’s solution work? DVDdoug?


I am not very techy and nervous about software I don’t understand. I looked at the diags info and it talks solely about fixing mp3 files. My songs are in the m4a format. The other software I don’t understand what it does.

Yes MP3diags is for MP3s only. Your other post you didn’t say M4A.

If iTunes can make a “good” M4A, maybe you should export to WAV (from Audacity) and then let iTunes convert to M4A.

Sorry for the confusion. Going forward, I can export using MP3 or Wav, but my problem is the 6k files that were exported from Audaicty to iTunes using M4a. All of those file are converting to 789 hrs. And ready other posts, other individuals are having the same problem.