itunes library input [SOLVED]

When I export, the files are scattered all over my designated ext file. How do I export into itunes library? I’m using macpro osx 10.7.75.

I’m not sure what the problem is, but after you export a file from Audacity, Right-Click or Control-Click the file > Open with > iTunes.

After that, you can create iTunes playlists where you push the song order around as you want and move the playlist to your iPod and burn a CD if your machine supports that.

I don’t think you can move a song directly from Audacity into iTunes. I think you can drag a song into iTunes, but I haven’t tried that.


Actually you can do this in an automated way now - the Audacity Manual for the upcoming 2.1.3 release has the following advice

You can export files from Audacity directly to your iTunes library. Exporting a file to the following locations will cause iTunes to automatically place it in the Music section of your library. You can then play the audio on your computer with iTunes or add it to your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Set the destination folder as:

Windows: Computer\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Automatically Add to iTunes
Mac: Home/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Automatically Add to iTunes.

This workflow from the published Manual for 2.1.2 may be useful:


And yes you should be able to do that too.


Could you elaborate on that? Are you using Export Multiple (and the methods shown here) to export a single file for each song?
– Bill

I have followed the manual point by point…track Label sel, multi export, edited meta for multi track templating, I have used copy tab (which I was able to make work once but, can’t repeat)
I notice that when i export, audacity is creating a file for each track. When I copy to automatically add to itunes library it inputs each file alphabetically within my music files. My itunes library doesn’t recognize the artist and album designated with in the metadata. I’m not a computer wiz by any means. I have a second gen mac pro and osx10.7.75.(can’t upgrade operating system so i’m maxed out). Apple is really making a serious effort to make this so obsolete that i can’t use any of my music in my iphone. i hope this is not the problem with audacity. Don’t think so though because they say my osx is with their minimum requirements. I’m stumped!!! Any ideas would help. Thanks. Louis

Audacity supplied by us does not have a “Copy tab”. What does Audacity > About Audacity… say (all three numbers)?

You can set “Home/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Automatically Add to iTunes” as the Audacity export directory at the top of Export Multiple. So there should be no need to copy files.

What format are you exporting to - MP4? You might to better to export as AIFF which should retain most or all of the metadata entered in Audacity. You can always convert from AIFF to another format in iTunes.


I second that suggestion. It’s what I do. Once the files are imported into iTunes, select them then find “Convert to MP3” in the menus (depending on what version of iTunes you have) or right-click on the files and select “Convert to MP3”. Once the conversion is complete you can trash the AIF files.
– Bill

Thank you all! issue solved.
my process: record and edit lp and label tracks>>create designated file on desktop>>input meta data (artist and album only)>>export multiple to designated file on desktop (tracks and label files merge with meta data) >>open files on desktop in itunes (where all files are saved to my library automatically) >>delete desktop files>>save project. DONE
Is this convoluted or an appropriate approach? If there is any short comings to this please note it?