ITunes import problem

I imported music from a cassette. When I saved the file, and exported it, it created a .aup file (on my desktop). The pull-down menu gave no choice, saying the file could only be opened by Audacity. My problem is that iTunes will not accept the file. I have version 2.0.5 of Audacity and I believe i got the .dmg installer. I am using OS X 10.6.8.

Audacity does not Save sound files. It only saves Projects. To get a sound file File > Export. If you need perfect quality, Export as WAV (Microsoft). If lesser quality is OK or you need to get a lot of songs in, you can use MP3. MP3 exports need additional Lame software in Audacity.


See here for how to Export an audio file:


Thanks…I think I’ve figured it out with your help.