iTunes ignoring my track edits in Audacity

I’m using Audacity ver. 2.0.6 on Windows 10 (and iTunes ver. if that helps).

So I have a couple musical tracks to which I’ve added about 5 seconds’ worth of silence to the end (otherwise they end rather abruptly immediately after the fade-out). I export these tracks as MP3s, but when I play them in iTunes–despite the fact that iTunes lists their run time as 5 seconds longer than their previous versions–iTunes will skip over the bit I’ve silenced out at the end, going from 0:06 immediately to 0:01 and then on to the next track.

iTunes just straight-up ignores an edit I’ve made in Audacity! How do I get it to behave?

I have this fuzzy feeling I should know this one, but I can’t quite catch it.

2.0.6 is really old. Any reason you’re not in 2.1.3?

What happens if you open your edited MP3 in a fresh Audacity?

How did you get the silence? Generate > Silence? Generate > Silence only creates mono silence. How did you get to the finished show?


So I’ve just updated to the latest versions of both Audacity and iTunes. I exported both tracks again, in the new Audacity to the new iTunes. And I still have the same problem. iTunes will skip from the 0:07 to the 0:01 mark, without fail.

Strangely enough, both tracks work just fine when I play them in Winamp. Only iTunes is giving me this problem.

To your other question–yes, I used “Generate > Silence.” Is that not the way I’m supposed to do it? Is there a better way to create a few seconds’ worth of silence at the end of a track?

Pretty good evidence that your Audacity edits are exactly as you intended, and the problem is iTunes. Sorry I’m not able to help you with iTunes as I avoid that program like the plague.

Worth considering:

A good, free and lightweight audio player for Windows is “foobar2000”. It’s not much to look at, but it is excellent at doing what it was designed to do, which is for playing audio (it is also very useful for converting audio formats and applying “ReplayGain”)

If you want your audio player to manage your music collection, “Clementine” or the free version of “MediaMonkey” are worth looking at.

Ah, I was afraid of that.

The main thing I use iTunes for is creating large 100+ track long MP3 CDs. (Yes, I know that’s very 2005 of me. I still like it that way though. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Do any of the programs you listed have an option for burning MP3 CDs? I’ll gladly ditch iTunes if so!

I have a couple musical tracks

Where did the original tunes come from? iTunes pays attention to copy protection. You may have confused the FairPlay system.


If you’re in Windows 10, Windows Media will burn a CD.


Foobar2000 can convert most audio formats to MP3.

An “MP3 CD” is just a plain old data CD with MP3 files on it, so just about any CD burning program can do that. In fact I think you can burn CDs directly from “File Explorer”.
I rarely use Windows, but these steps look reasonable:

Of course Audacity can export as MP3 if you have LAME installed (