Items missing on dropdowns

Hi, sorry for noob Q.

I’m trying to follow an online course on making music with Audacity. The tutor’s video lectures show a lot more options on the View and Edit menus than I have on my version of Audacity (downloaded last week). The tutor is using some of the functions I don’t have, so I can’t follow along.

Should I have all those options, or do I need to add them, and if so, how do I do that? Attached grabs are of the demo video (tagged with Uni of Adelaide in the bottom corner*) vs what I can see on my version of Audacity.

Tried help, tried manual, tried search. Hope you don’t mind me asking here.

Thanks for reading.

*Will be deleted asap for ownership.
Screenshot 2021-05-09 at 13.43.29.jpg
Screenshot 2021-05-09 at 13.42.19.jpg
Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 23.05.23.jpg
Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 23.05.09.jpg

That is an old version of Audacity.

The problem with videos that people make (and printed books that they write) is that Audacity changes over time as we make changes and improvements, sadly after their initial flush of enthusiasm most (nearly all) of these folk don’t bother to update/replace their videos 9and books) as Audacity changes.

The Manual is always kept in lock-step with the current release, so is always the best guide.


Thank you for your reply. I suspected so. However, I don’t understand why I can’t find those functions by typing them into Help?

What functions are you looking for ?

They may just have been moved to a different menu or sub-menu


Thank you. The ones he’s used so far are Find Zero Crossings and Fit Vertically. At that point I stopped watching because I knew there was an issue with what I can see vs what he can.

Another user has just told me Audacity 3 was only released recently, so a lot of stuff for learners is going to be out of date. Do you know if there are tutorial videos for Audacity 3? Going to need really basic (which is what this course is supposed to be).

Select > At Zero Crossings


note this doesn’t always work well on stereo as the stereo crossing points may not line up in each tracl


Vertical zooming - see:


View > Track Size > Fit to Height


The big change in v3 was the underlying project structure now in a single unified database file per project.

The GUI hasn’t changed much since 2.4.x