it stops while reproducing

don’t know why it stops in a random way (not always in the same point) while reproducing my file.
it never happened before
I installed the last release but it happened again
I reduced the frequency from 48000 to 44100 in all the 3 tracks and it happened again.

This section of the forum is for feedback regarding alpha (pre-release) versions of Audacity. Which version of Audacity are you using?

The release just installed is 3.1.3.

If I’m in the wrong section may be you can forward me to the correct section?

For this release I appreciate the section repeat button but can I ask to have back the move button? I used it to align tracks coming from different sources manually.

In Audacity 3.1.3 you can move clips just by dragging the bar above the track. See: Time Shift Tool (F5) removed