It is possible to install Audacity 3 on Linux without compromising the 2.4.2 install?

Basically the title said my question.
I want to test audacity 3 on my linux computer but I don’t want mess the install of 2.4.2.
Or it helps if I test it using Wine?

To test the Audacity 3.0.0 release candidate properly (on Linux) it needs to be installed.

Testing in Wine is not particularly useful for us because any problems found are most likely to be due to Wine environment rather than the Audacity app itself.

If you just want to try out Audacity, probably the best way would be to make a bootable USB “Live” Linux. Many Linux distros support "try before you install, for example:
The performance takes a hit when running from a USB thumb drive, but at least Audacity will be running on real hardware.

Ok. I will see what can I do.