Issues with windows10 and Audigy Fx v2 Soundblaster

I have the above sound card installed in Windows10 Pro and get error 9997 (Invalid sample rate) despite checking playback device and austerity match at 44100 hertz. I’ve tried 24 bit and 16 bit.
I’ve seen the fix to select Windows ASAPI and have selected for recording 'Speakers Sound Blaster Audigy) (Loopback) but this doesn’t resolve the issue.
I’m using Audacity 3.4…2. and have search all windows10 settings and can find no issues, I’ve also googled the issue for hours but can find no solution that works.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Try setting the Audacity project-rate to 48000 Hz … Sound Blaster Audigy 48000 only - Google Zoeken

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