Issues with VSTs 3-6-16

Hi im new to the forms and hoping it isnt dead
been using the daw for god knows how long and i love how easy it is
theres just a few things i want to know

why i can use ONE AND ONLY ONE VST plugin (a JCM900 Head amp-sim persay) but when i go to over drive it say with an 808 replica it freaks out
my VST Folder is for some reason in a steingate folder? no clue

i understand that the graphics of a VST are NOT support and was wondering dose to applie to say something esle like a live wave form multi band compressor/EQ?
i would hope that as it IS part of the U.I. that is would not be affected

You’re not that new (No Time Adjustment [SOLVED])

Audacity does not support all VST plug-ins.
Audacity does not support VSTi (VST instruments).
(Windows / Mac) Audacity is a 32-bit application, so it requires 32-bit plug-ins. 64-bit plug-ins wont work with Audacity.
Plug-ins that require dongles are not supported.
The “registration security” (anti-piracy) methods used by some commercial VST plug-ins are not supported.
VST 3 plug-ins are not yet supported.

Audacity is not a “real-time” DAW. Audacity is essentially a “wave editor”, which means that effects are applied directly to the audio data. Audacity does now have “real-time preview” for some effects, but there are many limitations on what this can do.

Audacity does not support playing MIDI, so any plug-ins that require MIDI will not work correctly.

More information about VST support in the manual: Audacity Manual

Audacity now has partial support for VST graphical interface, but it depends on how the interface has been created. If the interface is in strict compliance with VST2 standards then the graphical interface should work. In other cases, a basic Audacity generated interface may be used by turning off “Graphical mode” in the effect options. See: Audacity Manual

The short answer is that if you require comprehensive support for VST effects, then you need to use a real-time DAW application. A good an inexpensive option for Windows is “Reaper” (they offer an excellent free trial version).

You mean “Steinberg”, the developer of the VST plugin system.


yes stienberg i ment that sorry lol
i completely forgot about that other post XD
i have removed said steinberg folder as every time i look up how to install VSTs it dose NOT SHOW that folder
i’d be happy with just making the VSTs playing nice and being able to use more then one at a time WITHOUT the daw freaking out and Not allowing me to play the audio


Our instructions do mention Program Files/Steinberg/VSTPlugins. Here is a complete list of locations where Audacity searches for VST effects.

Audacity does not support using multiple effects at once. If you open a Real-time preview effect such as a VST, you can leave it open and then use an Audacity built-in effect.

If a free plugin is giving problems in Audacity please give a link to it and tell us exactly how to reproduce the problem. At worst, you can apply the effect, listen to the result and then Edit > Undo it. Sound may come back to the effect if you reopen it or restart Audacity.


all im asking is that say this amp head clone im using work, then being able to send the amplified signal thru a pedal clone say an 808 like stacking effects
like staqrting out with a compressor then going into EQ then a high pass then a low pass and then back to EQ to clean up the signal and make it pop thru the whole of the mix

Sounds to me like a job for “Reaper”, or some other real-time Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that supports multiple “insert effects”.

You could also try one of the free VST hosts. Reaper has a fairly steep learning curve and isn’t free.

See here:

Reaper isn’t free, but the price is very reasonable and the trial version is excellent. It is also a very good VST host with excellent support for chaining effects (and it comes with some very nice VST plug-ins of its own).