issues with truncated recording

Hi, I am new to Audacity. I have a project where I am taking a cassette tape and recording it to the laptop using win xp. When I export it to a MP3, the end of each sentence is truncated and I am losing most of the last word of each sentence. These are personal history recordings. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this and how to fix it? Thank you

Perhaps it’s just your media player that is not playing the files to the end.
Is it essential that your recording end abruptly on the last word, rather than having a bit of trailing silence?

This file has 10 clicks, as high / low pairs. Does the last (low) click play for you?

Hi, I probably wasn’t very clear on the issue. When I play back the recording in audacity, the sentences are not being completed correctly the last word in most sentences is being cut off which is causing all of the sentences to be incomplete. The original tape recording does not have any of the issues. I also here lots of little clicks that are not on the original recording as well. For example, one sentence says that they lived in a modified chicken coop. But the “coop” is cut off so you don’t hear it. Another example says that “this is where Walter got sick” but the word sick got cut off. I don’t know what to do to find the issue. I am new to this kind of software.

This is standard behavior. Or at least it is if you’re referring to what I’m thinking of. It’s just how the player is in the editor.

As for the clicking: You can reduce the clicks if you work at it with the Repair effect (zoom in really far and select the individual clicks which you can see and just run the effect on them.

This may help, as well:

I understand that that you are not hearing the end of the final word.
I don’t know if you hear 10 clicks or only 9 clicks in the test file that I sent, because you have not yet answered that question.