Issues with the Noise Removal Feature

Hello. I am using the Audacity EXE Installer Version 2.1.2. OI am using a Windows 8.1 64 Bit using NVDA. I an having an issue with the Noise Reduction feature on Audacity. When I reduce the noise on one of my tracks, I get strange results. When I would apply the effect with the frequency band to 0, I get a strange effect, it sounds like some strange noise is in the recording. When I set the frequency band to 3 or higher, I hear no bass. Is there any way to apply Noise Reduction to the track without adding these extra effects? Thank you.

Noise Reduction can be a little magic. We changed the name from Noise Removal to Noise Reduction to reflect what it actually does. It’s not intended to make noise vanish. So if that’s your goal, this isn’t going to work very well.

The profile step can be confusing. It Is Required that you run Noise Reduction once, drag-select a portion of the show with noise only and assign that to the Profile. Run Noise Reduction again for the actual reduction step.

“Noise” is not “Everything I Don’t Like.” Noise Reduction only removes noises identical to the sound you scanned in the profile. It won’t remove any sounds that constantly change. If you get any part of the show, voice or instrument in the profile by accident, Noise Reduction will try to remove that, too.

I believe, the default values, 12, 6, and 3 are good starting points. I believe that’s for music. I have different favorite reduction values for spoken word.