Issues with starting audacity for the first time

I’ve just tried to install audacity on windows 10 today but I’ve had issues with getting it to start. The version I’ve been trying to download is 3.0.4. I have been trying to the classic of reinstalling the program, restarting my pc, looking online for anyone having a similar issue but I can’t find anything. When it crashes I sometimes get a window with information about the crash that I can send to the developer. Some of the error messages are:

  1. error reason: exception_access_violation_write
  2. exception code 0xc0000005

When looking up these issues online it seems to have something to do with the program trying to gain access to certain files it shouldn’t be able to access with something that involves the data execution prevention (DEP) however since its a 64bit program it shouldn’t be an issue I think.

This might be not related at all, but there was a time that I deleted a “Temp” folder that was necessary for the system. When automatically created again, it could had been created without the correct user permissions.
¿Did you delete any temporary folder inside a system folder?
If you did, look for it, and create it or, if already present, edit its permissions so to a regular user being able to modify its content.
Hope it has anything to do with your problem.

Hmm I’m not sure if thats it, I’ve been trying to look around and fix an issue like youre describing and I can’t really find anything. However thank you for giving the suggestion!

I tried to give the program more permissions (I made so it had to run as administartor) to try and see if something happened and the error reason changed to “EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ” not sure if that changes anything however.

I did collect the entire error message in a document now and I dont know too much about programming and stuff like that, however nothing like instantly sticks out as being wrong. In the end however there is a section of loaded modules where at the end of some of them is says “(WARNING: No symbols, audacity.pdb, … )” the dots after pdb is a long combination of letters and numbers.

I really dont know if any of this could help identify the problem. A complete reset of my pc might help with trying to fix the issue so I’m thinking of doing one and then trying again from there.

Actually nevermind, I just got it to work by just basically trying new settings with compatibility over and over again which ended up working in my favour.

The setting which made it work was running the program in compatibility mode for another windows version. Im not gonna test the other ones since its working and dont want it to break again but I have it on windows vista which seems to work for some reason.