Issues with recording..

Two problems/questions:

Been recording with Audacity, v. 1.2.6, generally happy with it; but sometimes I don’t get to run the soundboard/PC combo (Allen & Heath WZ16:2 mixer, Dell PC, only about 9 months old - pretty good model ( - sorry can’t remember any more details; but the quy who got it for the church is an IT guy, and has done sound previously, but doesn’t have time for doing it now).

Is there a way to allow AGC on the input (Line Level) while Audacity is actually recording? I can engage the compressor for selection/playback, but if I don’t get the board/PC set up properly and can’t mind it, sometimes settings get ‘changed’ that allow too-hot audio in, well, then it’s too late…

Any comments?

Chuk Gleason
Cary, NC

There is no software Auto-Gain Control unless your soundcard has it (I’ve only seen it on higher end cards with a built in limiter like the Edirol FA-66). If you need to put a limiter in the signal chain, it’ll have to be a hardware one before the soundcard gets involved.