Issues with recording - Not sure how to describe

Hi there,

I need help from you.

I create videos on YouTube for a while, but I’m new at Audacity. I used to record from mics plugged into my camera.

A while ago, I bought a Blue Yeti and record it through Audacity, then sync at Premiere.

I’m using a Macbook Air m1, Big Sur 11.6, and Audacity 3.0.5.

I’ve looked up tutorials, but I don’t even know how to look appropriately, don’t know how to describe the issue technically, probably because I’m not a native English speaker (but thinking now, not sure I could explain even in Portuguese).

So I decided to upload it here so you can hear it and give any advice, it will be more than welcome:
And if is there a way to solve this issue in post (for the already recorded audio), it would be amazing! I have recorded audio from two different videos and didn’t want to use the camera mic, as it’s too bad.

Huge thanks in advance.

You really shouldn’t use Sendspace, there are plenty other options.
See below:

Ok. I was following the instructions as per the post “How to post an audio sample”.

But I could attach it here directly now.

Ok. I was following the instructions as per the post “How to post an audio sample”.

You did follow it correctly, nothing wrong with using a file hosting service, but just be careful which ones.
Some are very dubious.

I have listened to your audio, no idea what happened.
I can only guess that maybe you recorded at one sample rate and exported at another, but there also seems to be a delayed
version of the original audio causing that weird effect.

What exactly was your workflow?
Can you describe what you did from the time you started recording to the time you exported and landed up with that audio?

And if is there a way to solve this issue in post (for the already recorded audio), it would be amazing!

I doubt it very much.
Unless you have the original “clean” recording as a separate track, it’s pretty much the end of the road.

I opened the Audacity, selected Yeti Mic, Stereo, and started recording, nothing else.
I have the project file saved, but still, even inside the project, the issue is there, even before exporting.

It’s not the first time it happens, and tried it in a different mac as well, the same.

The most awkward is that at the end of the recording, it gets normal…

If you look around this forum, you will see that the Yeti is quite troublesome for many.
Is it too late to replace it with something else like say a Presonus, Scarlett or Behringher interface?

I have never used the Yeti, but often use the Scarlett 2i2 on several Macs and never had a problem.
The disadvantage is they all cost more, but the quality and reliability are superior and you have the
advantage of being able to use different microphones, including professional ones.

One thing you can try and do is set Audacity to record at 44.1 KHz and see if the Yeti is better behaved.
You can change this on the bottom left hand corner.
Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 8.38.10 PM.png
Once you import the audio into Premier, it will most probably resample to 48 KHz (as this is the norm for
audio contained in video files), but it’s fine as Premier always does a good job of this.

I removed the Sendspace recommendation from the upcoming 3.1.0 manual


Do you think google drive should be added to this list?

And possible WeTransfer

which my Irish DJ friend now uses to send me his Monday night shows now that he makes them offline in Cork with Audacity and sends in a 320kps MP3 for broadcast from Dublin. This saves me the bother of an overnight Timer Record.


It is indeed too late, unfortunately. Maybe in the future, when I’m ready for an upgrade.

I’m recording in 44.1 KHz already.

Have not a clue what could that be… I’m afraid I’ll need to lookup for another software instead of Audacity if I identify the issue is there.

Just as an example (even though totally different use), it works just fine in meetings apps, OBS, etc… so don’t think the issue is related to the mic/compatibility with mac itself.

That sounds like it could be an extreme example of this issue: How can I prevent clicky recordings on Mac?