Issues With Recording In Audacity

Hello all. I didn’t want it to come to this, as I thought I could figure this out myself, but I’ve made this account because I know I can receive advice here. I’m not an expert with this software, so I’m hoping to get advice I can understand. (In other words, please bare with me)

Anyway, I’m having issues with recording in Audacity. When I start my first recording, it creates a stereo track. The audio sounds smooth. Nothing is wrong so far.
But then, when I attempt to record something else and another stereo track is created, the problem enters the picture. For some reason the recording sounds, um, ripple-like? I don’t know. It seems to get chopped up for some reason. And then I notice as I try to create more recordings (and in effect more Stereo tracks are created), my recordings seem to deteriorate further. The very first recording always sounds good, but after that… not so much.

Hoping to hear from some of you and looking forward to fixing this problem. Thanks.

bare with me

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If this behavior happens repeatedly, then your computer may not be up to multi-track and overdubbing. To do advanced production, your computer has to be able to play back multiple audio tracks in perfect order and real time while at the exact same time perfectly and correctly recording a new audio track, in effect, performing multi-direction, multiple-audio management. If there’s anything at all wrong or slow with your computer, that’s not going to work.

If you have a hot and cold running beer super-power computer and expect no trouble at all doing this job, then you may simply be double recording everything by accident. This is common with people who also like to record YouTube or other on-line content.

Edit > Preferences > Devices and make sure you’re recording from a real hardware device like Mic-In or your USB sound card, and not a fake software device like Stereo-Mix or What-U-Hear.


Lol. Just noticed I spelled that wrong.

I’ll probably experiment with my laptop and see if I have the same issue on it as well. Seeing as how this computer just sucks.

Thanks for the advice.