Issues with Mac Os 10.14.5

  1. I have been recording with a MacBook Pro Retina Mac Os 10.14.5 using 96_24 and 192_24 settings.
    I am getting corrupted results on the WAV and FLAC files. The playings skips lossing parts of the recordings.

I am also recording on a Mac Book Pro with El Capitan Mac Os and do not have those issues. My recordings with that laptop come out alright.

I have tried erasing the program and reinstalling with a new download on the MacBook Pro Retina but the issues keeps reappearing.

2) Since the bit depth setting goes up to 24 on my Mac, is there any advantage recording on 32 bit float?

  1. Wiil I have the same quality recording using an old MacBook laptop?

I am using a Focusrite Scarlett interphase



What else is running on your machines? I’m finding that newer programs aren’t “programs.” They install “environments” that insist on connecting to the developing company and The Cloud whether you want them to or not. All that activity takes up processor time and attention. Sound production doesn’t wait. Sound works full time and if the machine isn’t available, there will be holes and skips in your work.

You can try changing Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Latency > Buffer. Make test recordings at several different settings and test whether the recording quality improves or not.

Cloud connections and storage in general are not a good idea. Do all production on your local, internal drives. It’s not a bad idea to disconnect the network and shut down WiFi as part of your troubleshooting.


Do you use Skype, Chat or Games? Are they all shut down while you’re working?