Issues with Audacity recovery utility

Hey guys, I was recording a video and Audacity crashed so I used the recovery utility, but unfortonatly I set the number of channels to two instead of one. This created two chipped up files, does anyone have any idea how I can remedy this? the temp files seem to be deleted otherwise I would just re-recover…Hopefully someone can help…Thanks!

The recovery utility was written for Audacity 1.2.x as that did not have any built-in recovery feature.
Audacity 2.x has recovery built in which can usually provide successful recovery the next time that Audacity is opened.
If the automatic recovery fails, then the project is likely to be so badly damaged that recovery is not possible.

If the audio data file were in a temporary directory and are no longer there, they are probably gone and lost forever, If you copied the audio data to another location then they should still be wherever you copied them to.

All of the available documentation about Audacity data recovery is here:

Short of manually chopping up the file and rearranging the pieces I don’t think that there’s anything you can do. :frowning: