Issues while applying stereo affects in audacity


I am currently using Windows 8.1, 64 bit. I am having issues while applying a stereo effect to make the audio sound as if it’s Full stereo, and not mono. I used Timidity to create an audio file, but the file came out sounding mono. The issues I’m having is that when applying stereo affects to make it sound stereo instead of Mono, More sound comes out of the right channel instead of the lift channel, so it’s unbalanced. Normalize made this worse. I’ve noticed that even the default reverb effect gives me the same results when attempting to apply it out of the piano Turack.

Do you know how I would make Misterio affect balance?


I didn’t see anyplace where this is an Audacity problem.

Fake Stereo

You can import the stereo track, split it in two with the drop-down menu on the left, delay one track with the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows, keep listening until you get what you want) and then put it back together with the drop-down menu. Export.


What software are you using to generate simulated stereo? If you delay one side you’ll get the “feeling” of stereo but if you overdo it, the sound will seem to come from where the sound comes from first. That may be what’s happening to you. And, you’ll get comb filtering if you play back on a mono system.

There are a couple of ways of doing it and none are “perfect”.

You can make a stereo track (with identical left & right channels) and then invert one channel. That will give you a “spacey” effect, but it will kill any bass and the channels will cancel to silence if you play back on a mono system. (Inverting one channel won’t have much effect when listening on headphones.)

Or, you can make a stereo track and use complementary equalization on the left & right channels. This can also cause some issues on mono systems but you won’t get silence. Note that +3dB is double the power (and -3dB is half the power) so the complement of +3dB is -infinity.