Issues recording with signal in audacity

Hello team

I just joined this forum.

I’ve had no issues with audacity until now.

My info:
Audacity 2.0.6
Windows 7 - 64 bit.

Whenever i try and record through stereo mix, i dont get any signal.

In the recording devices, whenever music is playing, i notice only one bar is lit. It does not light up green going up and down continually. I think this is maybe where the issue could be at?

At first the sound on my motherboard messed up then i brought an external sound blaster z card. That lately messed up (i dont know how or why, now i brought a new sound which is external with a usb connection.

That’s a very old version of Audacity. Also, I assume that you are aware that Windows 7 reaches it’s “End of Life” in a few months (Jan 14th 2020), so perhaps not worth upgrading Audacity until you update your operating system. So for future reference, the current version of Audacity is always available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Downloads

USB devices don’t usually support “Stereo Mix”. What is your “host” setting and which devices are set for recording and playback in the Device Toolbar?

I just updated audacity even tho im running w7.

Same issue. I think the problem lies between the external usb and stereo mix.

I have CSL - USB 7.1 external sound card 8-channel - 7.1 Channel USB Soundbox.

I have MME selected in audacity.

Is there a way to show picture instead of typing?

Windows 7 has a “Snipping Tool” (or something similar). Draw a box around the portion of screen you want to capture.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 1.48.25.png
Scroll down from a forum text screen > Attachments > Add Files.


Sorry i meant how to find the attachments on this forum. Now i’ve found it thanks.
2019-10-25 10_30_39-Audacity.jpg
2019-10-25 10_32_02-Preferences_ Devices.jpg
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2019-10-25 10_28_50-Sound.jpg