Issues playing short audio (around 10-20 ms)

Hello everyone,

I recently got a new gaming computer, far better than my previous one, but I’ve found that editing audio is now less responsive. I edit dialogue so I often have to play short audio selections (around 10-20 milliseconds) to look for clicks and such and filter them. But now what happens is that every time I play the snippet in Audacity, what comes out my (analog) headphones is a random length of the selection, sometimes it plays in full, sometimes just a portion, which makes it difficult to find and pinpoint problems in short snippets.

I was wondering if there’s a setting I can change in Audacity, maybe regarding to buffering or some such, or would you recommend me to install a different audio driver and if so which?

I am using Windows 11, motherboard is ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PLUS, which seems to have a Realtek S1200A Codec.

Thanks in advance!

I had that problem with my old Windows computer, changing the audio host in Audacity solved the problem …

Many thanks, this seems to have resolved the issue! Windows DirectSound is far more responsive, while WASAPI was even worse. But it seems I can work comfortably with DirectSound. Thanks again!