Issues opening saved aup. file

I am using MAC OS Catalina 10.15.7 and Audacity version 2.3.1

Hope someone can help! Saved worked being done on this file, but now I am getting the message below when trying to reopen. Anyone know what went wrong and how I can open the file again??? I saved the file but I am housing it in an external hard drive because of space on the computer. The file is still present in the external hard drive but will not open.

“Couldn’t find the project data folder: Main episode Data”

An Audacity project consists of two parts: the AUP file and the _data folder. They must be kept together in the same folder.

The message you received seems to indicate that you moved either the AUP file or the _data (but not both) to a new location. Is that the case?

– Bill

Hey Bill,
No they were together but I had different spellings for the file and data. Your response made me catch that. OMG… such a stupid mistake on my end haha, but it now opens.
Thank you!!!

If you upgrade to version 3.0.0 that we released yesterday and open this project there it will get consolidated into the new project format where the whole project resides in a single file. Much easier to manage.