Issues exporting 24/96 wav files

Hi, currently running Audacity 2.0.0 on Windows XP SP3. I have some 5 channel WAV files (4.1 mix) which I need to add a 6th channel to (empty Center, since the original mix was Quad with LFE added) for it to play properly. I saw some other posts on this forum about exporting using the selection “other uncompressed files” and selecting “24-bit signed WAV”. Did this and exported and I cannot render the file or convert it to FLAC. When I export to 16-bit/96kHz WAV, I have no issues. Any idea what the problem might be?

If you want to export as FLAC you need to select FLAC as the file type (not “other uncompressed files”).

Thanks for the response.

I was exporting it as 24-bit WAV. When you select FLAC output in audacity, it converts everything down to 16 bits. I’m then running flac.exe from a command line to convert.

I actually was able to figure this out. When I converted the 24-bit WAV to FLAC, I had to modify the command string parameters for flac.exe. Example below:

c:Program FilesFLACflac.exe -8 --channel-map=none -f c:stage1.wav

the original audio mapping, being 4.1, was not standard and when I profile it the channel info looks different than any other multi-ch file I’ve seen. Removing channel mapping when converting to FLAC got it to play correctly (I moved the added Center channel to the 3rd track of 6 before compiling). I tested it out on my 5.1 system’s media player and the channels are all in the right places.

After selecting FLAC, click on the Options button and there is a choice of 16 bit or 24 bit.

I completely missed the options button. Thanks, worked perfectly!