Hi There. Ok so here is my issue and I will explain it the best I can. I’m still pretty new to Audacity but I feel that this issue doesn’t have to do with my lack of knowledge. I import one audio clip and that goes fine, I import another audio track that goes beneath the first and that goes fine BUT the problem is when I try to move or slide the second track so that is rests at the end of the first track – it moves ALL tracks instead of the one I highlighted. When I select the second track or highlight it, these clock symbols pop up the background of the first track. When I attempt to move the desired track, everything moves even without being selected. What do I do about this? How do I fix it? I’ve tried watching videos and tutorials but when other people move one selected track, only one moves…what am I doin’ wrong? I’m losin’ it!
Should I get a better version of Audacity? Any suggestions would be of huge help.

You have inadvertently enabled “Sync-Lock”. Click the clock button to turn it off (see:

You should use the current version of Audacity (2.1.3) from the Audacity website:

Thank you so much. I’ll try when i get home from work!