Issue with scripting - command "SelectTime: Start=double" does not support doubles

I have mod-script-pipe enabled and I am currently using the pipeclient found here:

According to the scripting reference, the command SelectTime can take parameters:
double start
double end
enum relativeTo

However, I have found that the start time only supports integer values.
For example, the code
client.write("SelectTime: Start=4, End = 4.55)
selects the correct time, but the code
client.write(“SelectTime: Start=4.29, End=6.94”)
will select the time from 0-6.94

Doubles work for both parameters when accessing Extra → Scriptables I → Select Time through the GUI, but not when scripting.

System Info:
OS: Solus 3.9999
Audacity 2.3.1-alpha-Jan 28 2019 installed from source code, mod-script-pipe enabled

The command shouldn’t have the comma.
Try the command:

client.write("SelectTime: Start=4.29 End=6.94")

That does it. Thank you, Steve!

I would have got back to you more quickly, but it’s a long time since I wrote, so I had to rebuild Audacity first to check that it still worked correctly.

By the way, the manual for the alpha version of Audacity is here: